We decided to plan an epic 10-day trip to tour Scandinavia, visiting Sweden and Norway. We started in Stockholm, spending a few nights in the city, then we took the train to Oslo for a few nights. We spent the remainder of our trip exploring western Norway and the beautiful fjords.


Our first stop was Stockholm, where we fell in love with the old town and the afternoon tea tradition called fika. We recommend visiting in late Spring or early Summer for perfect weather to explore the city, including it’s pretty parks and surrounding areas. Make sure you also try Ostakaka, a Swedish cheesecake and a Swedish Kanelbullar pastry.

Tips: From the Stockholm Arlanda Airport, you can quickly and easily get to the Stockholm city center via the Arlanda Express train. Tickets can be purchased at the platform or with the app.

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We took the train from Stockholm to Oslo, which was about a 5-6 hour journey. The train was clean and comfortable, so the time went by quick. The best part is you catch the trains in both cities right in the city center. In Oslo, we again enjoyed walking around the city in the beautiful weather and loved the abundance of Scandinavian style architecture throughout the city (modern, simple clean lines). Make sure you try a pølse (hot dog) and a Krumkake when you’re in Norway.

Tips: You can tour The Royal House of Norway if you visit in summer, but make sure to get tickets in advance as only a few tickets are available at the door (guided tours only).

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From Oslo, we began our journey to the western coast of Norway, first taking the train to Flåm via Myrdal. Flåm is a quaint and beautiful town, nestled at end of the fjord called Aurlandsfjorden. We loved our time in Flåm, exploring the fjord via kayaks and an electric Twizy!

Tips: On the train to Myrdal, try to sit on left side for the best views. On the train from Myrdal to Flam, also try to sit on left side. Views are amazing from either side of the train, though! You can’t go wrong wherever you end up sitting.

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After Flåm, we took the train to Bergen, a port city on Norway’s western coast, surrounded by mountains and fjords. Visit the colorful wooden houses that line the old wharf and make sure to try some of the fresh seafood.

Tips: For 160 NOK, you can visit three (3) museums in the old town.
Bergen has a lovely funicular that you can take up to Fløyen Mountain for panoramic views. Try to visit either in the morning or later at night to avoid high traffic times and cruise ship tourists.

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Ålesund and Geiranger

From Bergen, we flew (a quick less than one hour flight) to Ålesund, another quaint town that used to be a bustling fishing port. At the airport, we rented a car so that we could explore more of the fjords located near Ålesund (difficult to get to without a vehicle, but there are tours via bus). The town is situated across various islands, which we also highly recommend visiting.

We took a day trip to Geiranger & Geirangerfjord (about a 2 hour journey, one-way), with plenty of beautiful areas to stop and take in the panoramic views (Ørnesvingen Viewpoint is a must). We did have to take a car ferry for a small portion of the drive, from Valldal to Eidsdal (30 minutes or so to get across the fjord). It cost us 56 NOK/person with the car. Once in Geiranger, we decided to take a short boat cruise through the Geirangerfjord.

Tips: Another option instead of driving all the way to Geiranger is to drive from Ålesund to Hellesylt or Valldal and take a ferry to/from Geiranger directly. If you take the Geiranger cruise through Geirangerfjord, make sure to line up early to get seats in your preferred area.

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